Mark Watkins ~ Australian u17 Men’s basketball Head coach

While I was Assistant Coach of the Gold Coast Blaze in 2007-2009.  Brendan did a great job in treating our athletes and helping them to recover quickly for the heavy schedule of training’s and games in the NBL.


Andrea Wood (Flatwater Kayak)

  • 2002-2009 Queensland Academy of Sport scholarship
  • 2002, 2005-2007, 2009 Australian Institute of Sport scholarship
  • 2000, 2002 Australian U23 Kayak Team
  • 2005-2007, 2009 Australian Kayak Team for the World Championships
  • 3rd 2010 Na Wahine Oke Kai (World Championships, endurance outrigger canoeing)

As an elite Queensland Academy of Sport flatwater kayaker, I was introduced to Brendan and Total Massage in 2002. Massage became an important aspect of recovery from the hard training of elite flatwater kayaking. Weekly regular massages kept my body in top shape, ready for whatever my coach could throw at me and was a vital in my preparation for racing. Post wrist surgery in 2005, Brendan and massage assisted my recovery and allowed me to return to International competition within 12 months. I continued my career as a Queensland Academy of Sport, Australian Institute of Sport and Australian Kayak Team member until retirement in September 2009 with the support of Brendan and Total Massage.


Nathan “Carnage”  Corbett.

I met Brendan after I won my first world title; he helped me recover from an injury. Brendan Wong of total massage has massaged me for a period of 5 years.
I have found his treatments beneficial in recovery and healing especially after injury. Due to my heavy training regime massage is an important component to assist in my recovery.

Nathan Corbett
WKN, Heavyweight World Champion


Benjamin Melmeth

Brendan’s treatments were crucial to keeping me on court during a long and arduous season. He is a practiced professional and highly effective.

Former Australian Representative & NBL Basketballer.


Alex Woodley – Dip Ac. Dip T.M

I have been suffering tension headaches for many years now and had no significant relief from main stream medicine. Several months ago I sought treatment from Brendan Wong and using traditional massage as well as Panabaa Release techniques Brendan has bought me a great relief. I would recommend this treatment to anyone suffering headaches where soft tissue tension is a factor.


Christine Retzki – Ashmore

Life can be strange sometimes and from the bad we can get good. I had been suffering chronic neck pain and had been to my regular masseuse whose manipulations did not correct the problem. I tried to get another appointment but he was unavailable so I ended up sitting sore and sorry in Brendan Wong’s waiting room.

My problem was solved and after a day of rest I was not back to 100% I was actually 110% unfortunately my problem is reoccurring due to my job and bad posture so I have been to see Brendan again. The intervals between needing to see Brendan have lengthened due to his expertise.

I have recommended Brendan to my boss who has had an excellent recovery and a client who has not stopped thanking me because she now has full use of her right arm. It is with heartfelt appreciation that I write this testimonial and I can highly recommend Brendan Wong to anyone requiring the skills of this talented massage therapist.


Helen – 60years+

Brendan was highly recommended to me when I needed remedial treatment following a broken tibia in February, 2012. I have found him to be very professional and knowledgeable. His massage technique is firm enough not to be painful but effective in aiding my recovery. In addition to treating my injured leg, I believe his therapeutic massage contributes to my overall wellness, to continue to lead a professional life and to be active with young grandchildren.3

I will continue to receive regular maintenance treatment from him. I have been treated by other therapists and found him to be comparable with the best of them and have happily referred other prospective patients to him.


J.Murphy – Gold Coast

I’ve been a client of Brendan’s when needed on and off for over 10 years now. He’s who I go to when I’ve put my neck out (again!) holding my phone to my ear with my shoulder, or simply when I’m just stressed out and needing some help to get relaxed when life gets busy.

Brendan’s manner is professional yet friendly. Conversation is always appropriate and if I need some quiet while he’s working away then that’s ok too.

He’s affordable, on time, and excellent at what he does. I’d recommend him to anyone.

Thanks Brendan!