Total Spirit

~Total Spirit Health~

~”Spiritual” health~ is just as important as all of the other levels of health; physical, emotional and mental.

Keeping our Energies in balance so our light can shine. Where there is light no darkness can exist and life will be a happier one.



Total Spirit Grounding ~ This remedy is to ground the spirit in the material world. It helps to keep you mentally in tune with the present moment.

Total Spirit Protection ~ Over-sensitivity to outside influences, the protector remedy, repairs  damage to the Auric field.

Total Spirit Moving Forward ~ If you are stuck this is the remedy for you,  more clarity, with the ability to cope and move on with courage and intuition.

Total Spirit Energy Clearing Mist ~ This remedy is a mist spray. It helps clear the lower energies ” built up”from the environment and also helps clear negative emotional, mental and psychic energies.



Matched to your star-sign biochemistry tissue salts. Not one sign is the same.

Every star-sign has a weakness, for example Taurus has a weakness in the throat, the onset of illness can begin in a sore throat or if they are not expressing themselves vocally (holding back on what they want to say) the throat will become unbalanced. The use of the star sign homoeopathics can assist with better assimilation and harmony to the system.